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Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) Aircraft with Vectored Thrust for Control and Continuously Variable Pitch Attitude in Hover

A new type of VTOL aircraft that can change its hovering orientation
The aircraft operates by vectoring the thrust of three independent rotors (propellers). In addition, the vehicle can operate with only thrust vectoring and motor speed control to maintain vehicle attitude in hover and forward (wing born) flight. No other means of vehicle attitude control is required (i.e. ailerons, elevators, rudder), however these additional control surfaces could be added if vehicle control is desired in gliding (non-thrust) conditions.
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Most fixed wing VTOL UAVs takeoff vertically, then transition to horizontal flight. This is new type of UAV which has unique capability. It can vary its hover position from "nose up" (tailsitter) to "nose forward" (non-tailsitter) incrementally and continuously, and even hold a position at any angle in between.

The vehicle airframe can be changed in hovering mode


Landing / takeoff from an oscillating or sloped site

Pointing the fuselage at angles to augment the range of motion of an onboard camera

VTOL takeoff/landing in windy conditions

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August 23, 2018
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