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Volume Grid Manipulator (VGM)

This code is specifically designed to alter or manipulate existing surface and volume structured grids to improve grid quality through the reduction of grid line skewness, removal of negative volumes, and adaption of surface and volume grids to flow field gradients, to name a few applications. The s/w uses a command language to perform all manipulations thereby offering the capability of executing multiple manipulations on a single grid comprised of a single or multiple block set during an execution of the code. The command language can be input to the VGM code by a UNIX style redirected file, or interactively while the code is executing. The manual consists of 14 sections, designed to both offer command structure and simple scripts for various types of manipulations. The s/w also offers two new algebraic methods of grid smoothing, and methods for imposing C-I continuity across matching block boundaries. It is accompanied by sample grids and scripts to offer training of users.
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