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VULCAN-CFD offers a comprehensive set of capabilities to enable the simulation of continuum flowfields from subsonic to hypersonic conditions. The governing equations that are employed include allowances for both chemical and thermal non-equilibrium processes, coupled with a wide variety of turbulence models for both Reynolds-averaged and large eddy simulations. The software package can simulate two-dimensional, axisymmetric, or three-dimensional problems on structured multi-block meshes or unstructured meshes. It also allows one to invoke a parabolic (i.e. space-marching) treatment for any subset of a problem that can accommodate this solution strategy. VULCAN-CFD provides a significant level of geometric flexibility for structured grid simulations by allowing for arbitrary face-to-face C(0) continuous and non-C(0) continuous block interface connectivities. The unstructured grid paradigm allows for mixed element unstructured meshes that contain any combination of tetrahedral, prismatic, pyramid, and hexahedral cell elements. The VULCAN-CFD solver is also fully parallelized using MPI (Message Passing Interface) libraries in a data-parallel fashion.
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