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Whispering gallery optical resonator spectroscopic probe and method

Disclosed herein is a spectroscopic probe comprising at least one whispering gallery mode optical resonator disposed on a support, the whispering gallery mode optical resonator comprising a continuous outer surface having a cross section comprising a first diameter and a second diameter, wherein the first diameter is greater than the second diameter. A method of measuring a Raman spectrum and an Infra-red spectrum of an analyte using the spectroscopic probe is also disclosed.
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NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory has developed a robust spectroscopic sensor and method for sensitive detection and chemical analysis of organic and molecular compounds. The field of surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) has grown considerably since the discovery that a Raman signal can be greatly enhanced for molecules absorbed on special metallic nanostructures and particles. Conventional SERS methods involve coupling to a plasmonic mechanism, which requires physical contact between the whispering gallery mode resonator (WGMR) and the optics of the spectrometer. JPL's novel silica sphere WGMRs enable a non-plasmonic approach to SERS that offers a number of advantages over the conventional methods: the active substrate is chemically inert, thermally stable, and simple to fabricate. This innovative spectroscopic sensor is ideal for use with in-situ planetary instruments that require robust sensors with consistent response.

Active substrate is chemically inert and relatively simple to fabricate


Chemical analysis - in-situ detection of organics in planetary soils


Mark S. Anderson

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March 11, 2014
Far West
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