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Wideband planar reconfigurable polarization antenna array

An antenna array includes a plurality of sub-arrays each having a plurality of linearly polarized antenna elements, with each antenna element having an orthogonal feed orientation with respect to its adjacent antenna elements, and at least two feed lines each connected by at least one sub-feed line to at least two antenna elements having orthogonal feed orientations such that each antenna element is equally and progressively phase rotated. The antenna elements in at least two separate lines of the array, such as array rows or columns, are connected to a separate feed line. The antenna elements may be aperture coupled microstrip patch elements having a single slot fed by one of the sub-feed lines or cross-slot elements fed by two sub-feed lines. The sub-feed lines in a separate row or column are power combined into either one or two feed lines and may be connected to a beamformer.

Kyle A. Bales, Christopher J. Meagher

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Patent Issue Date: 
August 12, 2016
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