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Wireless polarization modulation method using polarization shift keying and hadamard multiplexing

A method involves modulation of polarization states at a radio network's transmit antennas and configuration of complementary polarization states at the radio network's receiving antennas such that variations in measured voltages at receivers' antennas convey digital information and provide a multiple access channel to supplement other network communications. A calibration interval may be used, during which the network receivers measure the two distinct voltages from each transmitter during separate time intervals. Each receiver keeps a separate accumulation for each transmitter wherein each received sample is weighted by +1 or 1 according to the column of a Hadamard matrix. After the sample periods and accumulations have been completed, each receiver offsets its accumulation using a normalization term. Each receiver may then decode bits received from each transmitter using the offset completed sum for each respective transmitter.

Douglas S. Hulbert

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June 24, 2016
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