LabTech in Your Life is a virtual experience that showcases the commonly used, everyday technologies that were originally developed by a federal laboratory. This unique interactive space was designed to connect you with innovative federal agency and laboratory research and development (R&D) that have achieved significant commercial market success.

Don’t miss out on the second iteration of Lab Tech in Your Life (LTIYL). The FLC has released a Call for Technologies for an airport/mass transportation environment. Submit your Lab’s technologies by June 5, 2020. Qualifying technologies include those developed by the labs, or in collaboration with partners, and found in and around an airport (parking garage, within the airport, security controls, air traffic control tower, throughout an airplane, etc.), and those found throughout a mass transit system (train or light rail cars, rails, switching control, train platforms, etc.) Click here for more information and to submit your technology.


LabTech at Home is the first virtual environment of LabTech in Your Life. Learn the story behind how the technologies you use every day made their way to the marketplace and into your home! You’ll discover nearly 50 federally developed commercialized technologies from 7 federal agencies, displayed throughout 7 different tour stops.

Each technology represents years of federal laboratory R&D and demonstrates successful technology transfer (T2) partnerships in a wide range of scientific areas. A list of the agencies and technologies featured throughout the LabTech home are listed below. We encourage you to explore, discover, and experience all our virtual environment has to offer.


Whether on a desktop or viewing virtually through a VR headset with your smartphone, you have several options for viewing our interactive environment!

Desktop and Smartphone

LabTech in Your Life is easily accessible to view and share through your favorite browser by visiting our website, labtechinyourlife.com, from your desktop or smartphone.

VR Headset

Visit labtechinyourlife.com from your mobile device. Once there, you will be asked to download the experience through the YouVisit app. Accept the app prompts and start viewing on your phone through a VR headset.

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