What’s in a name? Public perceptions of 'technology transfer’


Two representatives from the State Science and Technology Institute (SSTI) will present the results of SSTI's 2020 National Innovation Language Study, an update to its 2015 seminal work, drawing insights into how the vocabulary of tech transfer and innovation policy is received and translated by the public.

You'll learn from Mark Skinner and Jason Rittenberg, who have personal experience with the same types of communications challenges you face.

Mark Skinner, who has worked with SSTI since 1998, is a lead developer for SSTI’s annual conference content, has served as the editor of the SSTI Weekly Digest, and has authored a number of publications related to technology transfer, including A Resource Guide for Technology-based Economic Development and State and Federal Perspectives on the SBIR Program.

As SSTI's Policy and Development Director, Jason Rittenberg contributes to the SSTI Weekly Digest and research projects, in addition to coordinating policy activities and cultivating partnership and project opportunities. He is also a co-author of News on the Internet: Information and Citizenship in the 21st Century.