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What's Your Story How to Write Compelling Technology Fact Sheets


For most federal labs, the technology fact sheet or technology summary is a common tool used to communicate the value of technologies coming from the lab. The challenge is that many of these “2 pagers” are deep in technical details and written in a language only subject-matter experts comprehend. A fact sheet is an important, at-a-glance tool intended to communicate the value proposition of a science or technology. Without the right fundamentals, your fact sheets can resemble technical briefs and fall short during that important first impression with your target audiences. In this session, Wendy Kennedy, President of WKI - Inc., will share some tried and true tips and techniques for crafting a compelling technology fact sheet.
Here are some of the topics:
• The purpose of a fact sheet
• What makes a great fact sheet?
• Common mistakes in many fact sheets
• Five must-have’s on your fact sheet
• Three quick tips on packaging
• A template to create your own compelling fact sheets

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